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Amy Adoyzie is at it again with another fantastic piece in the latest issue of Razorcake. Entitled, “Unthinking What We Know,” the essay discusses misogyny in and out of the punk scene, making a connection between the daily minutia women face and the extreme examples it takes for someone to concede, “That’s fucked up.”

Check it out!

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End of a Year/Self Defense Family Singer: a Lesson in Male Privilege

As many of you know, there have been several essays regarding misogyny in the punk scene by several prominent vocalists over the last few months. For some reason, Patrick Kindlon, singer of End of a Year/Self Defense Family, thought his opinion representing the “other side” was relevant. There is no word yet on whether he will next write an article about all he knows about racism.

He starts his bullshit out with this:

I’ve been asked to contribute to this ongoing feature about sexism in punk because I’ve been on the, “other side” of it. It’s a difficult position to write from. The danger, of course, is that I’ll come off looking like a massive douche.

Spoiler: he does indeed come across as a massive douche.

When talking about a video he created to promote a show:

The videos depicted women in sexually provocative situations. The concerned party failed to recognize the men in the videos were in similar situations. Or that the videos were resolutely tongue-in-cheek and often parodies.

Oh, men were shown the same way? That makes it all okay! It’s not like there’s a double standard that’s, you know, the reason that people are taking issues with men portraying women that way to begin with. Oh, and they were parodies? Phew, that renders any possibility of there being sexism present obsolete. Bigots are incapable of doing parodies, don’t you know?

After talking about getting kicked out of a show for allegedly being sexist, a charge he disagrees with:

The point of my story isn’t to vindicate myself more than two years after the fact, but to illustrate that when we say things like “________ has no place here” we risk mob mentality.

Yeah, we really need to stop saying that sexism has no place here, everyone! Men might be negatively affected!!!

He continues:

I think it’s important that punks ask themselves what the goal is when confronting someone. Is it to show them the “right” way to live through education? Or is it to change their behavior through intimidation? Or is it just to placate your superior attitude?

Anyone who is confronting oppression that they face has no obligation whatsoever to try to “educate” the person saying/doing harmful things. “Hey, on top of dealing with the oppression, it’s also your responsibility to teach privileged people shit!” No. If someone is doing sexist shit, I’m hardly going to feel bad for them if they feel “intimidated” by someone standing up against it. And yes, being against sexism is a superior attitude over defending it. I’m not referring to the story he tells in the essay about getting kicked off the show in Germany, but about him writing this as a response to the discussion of sexism in punk, period.

Going for the gold in the “massive asshole” competition:

As I understand it, the essays people have contributed to on this topic have focused on the fact that sexism is prevalent in punk and hardcore music. Seems like a waste of bandwidth and time to me. We all know that. What I’m more curious about is why you expected anything other that what we currently have.

Yeah, complaining about sexism is a waste of bandwidth, everyone! We all know that! And in case you didn’t, there’s always a dude ready to come along and shit all over you for it.

Sadly, this exercise demonstrates just how “unpunk” everyone really is. It starts with someone considered “cool” asserting their views and leveraging their popularity to make others fall in line. Congrats, you’ve reached homogony. All the freethinking qualities that people praise when discussing punk as a subculture or counterculture are replaced with the same sort of mindlessness you’d find anywhere else.

Demanding freedom from oppression? psh, if no one was sexist, everyone would just have a monotonous, homogenous hive-mindset. BOOOORING!

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Recommended Articles

Remember Lauren Denitzio’s piece about sexism in the punk scene? That was the first of a series, the next two of which are now up.

Check out Mariel Loveland of Candy Hearts’ piece here, and Katie Crutchfield of P.S. Eliot’s piece here.

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Larry Livermore Weighs In

Larry Livemore, founder of Lookout Records, has spoken out against Ben Weasel’s violence and the resulting reactions to it on his blog.


About 90% of the commenters, in fact, seemed to believe either a) Ben shouldn’t have done it, but it’s not like he did it all the time so he should be given a pass; or b) “the bitch had it coming.”  Another overriding theme – several people mentioned GG Allin in this context – was, “Hey, it’s punk rock, get over it.”

People have been saying, “Hey, it’s punk rock” to justify, even glorify all sorts of idiotic, violent, and self-destructive behavior for as long as there’s been punk rock

I was genuinely shocked by some of the vitriol that came spewing forth in defense of Ben Weasel even after he himself admitted he had been in the wrong.

Not sure why he was shocked given the propensity for sexist comments on every major punk site, period, but I’m glad to see another voice speaking out against not only Ben Weasel’s actions, but the disgusting justifications that have followed.

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All 4 Other Members of Screeching Weasel Drop Out

All members of Screeching Weasel besides Ben Weasel have dropped out of the band, a decision they made public with a statement to Punk News.

Awesome. Glad to see that not everyone involved with Screeching Weasel are irredeemable jackasses! The fact that these guys, who just released a new album and are going to lose quite a bit of income over this, are willing to not only pull out of Weasel Fest but, at least for now, pull out of the band, really makes bands like Banner Pilot look even worse for their refusal to do so.

Though, of course, I don’t expect a single band to actually call out Ben for his trans-misogyny (a fact that is becoming more and more public given how many views the posts I wrote about that subject, along with posts others have written about it, have received), because most bands don’t even pretend to care about transgender men and women.

Wikipedia: A people is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as in an ethnic group or nation.

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Banner Pilot Think Ben Weasel Deserves A Second Chance

Banner Pilot, who are scheduled to play Weasel Fest, have just released a statement via their tumblr letting everyone know that while what Ben did was “disappointing and uncalled for,” they think he deserves a second chance and will not be backing out of Weasel Fest.

In their own words, “it’s also by all accounts an isolated incident.” Maybe they should add Chris Brown to the show.

They also claim that, “In his 25 year career there is no history of him hitting or hating women.” I don’t know about you, but when I find out someone assaulted a woman, my first thought isn’t “Okay, but this is AN ISOLATED INCIDENT! he hasn’t done this before!” Not to mention the fact that people are willfully ignoring the alleged reason that the woman started throwing ice cubes at Ben Weasel in the first place – the fact that he was saying fucked up, sexist shit on stage. Even if you think what he did was okay in punching a woman for throwing ice at him, he ALSO punched another woman who did nothing, he ALSO called a woman a “skanky whore,” and last but certainly not least, he has proven himself to be extremely transphobic.

Supporting someone who not only physically assaulted two women but also said such terrible, bigoted things, publicly, right in the open where you can see the evidence, about someone being a transgender woman? It’s not like Ben Weasel was just talking shit on someone who happened to be transgender. He was actively being transphobic, and I’m extremely disappointed in Banner Pilot for their decision to support him regardless of whether they knew about that, as they were aware of him assaulting two women either way. I respect the fact that they don’t want to let down fans who wanted to see them play, but they just let down their transgender fans big time with this one, as well as all women, period, and it’s very troubling to see a band I loved/respected make this decision.

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Oh, and Ben Weasel’s Anti-Trans, Too

As if the weekend’s violence wasn’t enough, I have also discovered that Ben Weasel is trans-misogynistic. A trans woman was arguing with him on PPMB (Pop-Punk Message Board), and Ben said the following things:

[TRIGGER WARNING for extreme trans-misogyny]

(he used the actual T-word, I edited it)

I’d like to see you without your wang tucked between your legs.

You’d think if you wanted to be a chick, you’d want to be a hot chick; this dude looks like the Church Lady.

Tr*nny-defending is a harsh mistress!

What’s it like to force yourself to call a dude “she”? If he tells you that you have to pretend the earth is flat or his feelings will be hurt, will you do that too?

What did I do, you yammering dingbat? I called the dude a dude, and Johnny B got hysterical and said “You outed her! You outed her!”

If I’d known “tr*nny” was the “n-word” of the PPMB I’d’ve pulled it out of my bag of tricks years ago for the sole purpose of antagonizing you phony baloney hypocrites!

It’s okay to mock my religion, because I fucked with Jenny. It’s not okay for me to mock Jenny’s wig when he fucks with me though!

Why is it not okay for me to react to Jenny by saying horrible things about him but it’s okay for you to react to me

by your logic I’d be totally justified attacking Jenny’s gender identity because she was acting like a dude with nothing better to do than harass me ceaselessly, for years, on the Internet. I’ve never had an actual girl do that, after all! That gives me the right to say, why you’re no girl at all, fella!

But, you know, I made a dick joke to a tr*nny, so I’m the devil.

All of these can be found in his post history within the last two weeks.

I barely have any words to describe how absolutely, disgustingly bigoted this shit is. More trans women are murdered each year than every other hate crime group combined. 1 in 8 trans women of color will be murdered (1 in 12 white trans women). And this asshole thinks it’s okay for him to contribute to the mis-gendering of and hatred that leads to the violence against them? Fuck you!

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