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Cro-Mags singer: Anti-Abortion

[trigger warning – extreme anti-abortion bullshit] John Joseph, cis dude singer of Cro-Mags, had the following anti-choice comment to make: “Most abortions are not performed because it was a rape or something like that; it’s done out of inconvenience. I … Continue reading

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A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction to Laura Jane Grace

We would like to extend heartfelt respect and support to Laura Jane Grace, the singer of Against Me!, for coming out as a trans woman. She has always made amazing music, and is now bringing light to the topic of … Continue reading

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Al Barr Apologizes for Gay Slur – Crickets on Transmisogyny

Al Barr, singer of the Dropkick Murphys, recently used the word “f*ggot” in a promotional video for a Berlin punk festival, and subsequently apologized for it, saying: Just wanted to address the negative comment that I made. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Response to Removed “I Live Sweat” Guest Post

A very obnoxious I Live Sweat guest post that can be summed up by the sentiment, “Why do punks have any extra reason to fight sexism?” was later removed at the author’s request, and this reaction to the post and … Continue reading

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Getting it Right

“To call a band like us a ‘girlfriend hardcore’ band because we sing about how we feel is stupid. I’m not upset about not having them as fans. They sound like the most misogynist people out there.” –Jeremy Bolm, singer … Continue reading

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“Further, on Moshing”

Just found several great posts about a variety of relevant issues, including a response to one of the latest I Live Sweat guest posts. Possible guest post response to that on here soon. Also recommended: this post about moshing. Unless … Continue reading

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Recommended Article

The latest in the I Live Sweat series of guest posts about bigotry in the punk scene is by Kate Tyler Wall, a 53 year old punk fan, and discusses ageism, misogyny, and the intersection thereof when it comes to … Continue reading

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