Cro-Mags singer: Anti-Abortion

[trigger warning – extreme anti-abortion bullshit]

John Joseph, cis dude singer of Cro-Mags, had the following anti-choice comment to make:

Most abortions are not performed because it was a rape or something like that; it’s done out of inconvenience. I know some people may be like, ‘Who are they to tell us what to do with our bodies?’ But in actuality, it’s just like if you have a landlord, and there’s someone living in a house, he doesn’t have the right to kill the person in the house because he doesn’t want them there any more. “

Source (yes, quote is from 2010, but it deserves a hall of shame spot on here)

Yeah, in actuality, that’s exactly it. Abortion is exactly like a landlord murdering their tenant. Right.

…Comparing someone’s body to a piece of property? Really?

Yes, Age of Quarrel was a good album. But just because someone makes good music doesn’t mean they’re immune to being called out if they say ridiculous shit like that.



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