Response to Removed “I Live Sweat” Guest Post

A very obnoxious I Live Sweat guest post that can be summed up by the sentiment, “Why do punks have any extra reason to fight sexism?” was later removed at the author’s request, and this reaction to the post and subsequent removal is well worth the read.

Sample quote:

“Ya know who doesn’t get to just walk away from this conversation most of the time, because we’re actually living it every single day? Women. And in the context of these specific articles, women in the punk scene and women who go to shows. And guess what? We have our arguments taken out of context and misrepresented constantly as well…”

And in response to the original article, the answer to the question generally posed throughout could not be more simple. From the disgusting beloved GG Allin to The Clash, when it comes to punk there has always been a defining element of rebelling against the mainstream. And what could be more mainstream than bigotry? It’s almost hilarious when people think they’re badass for perpetuating so many of these harmful attitudes because they’re mimicking the exact white bread, corporate attitudes they think they’re so against.


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