Larry Livermore Weighs In

Larry Livemore, founder of Lookout Records, has spoken out against Ben Weasel’s violence and the resulting reactions to it on his blog.


About 90% of the commenters, in fact, seemed to believe either a) Ben shouldn’t have done it, but it’s not like he did it all the time so he should be given a pass; or b) “the bitch had it coming.”  Another overriding theme – several people mentioned GG Allin in this context – was, “Hey, it’s punk rock, get over it.”

People have been saying, “Hey, it’s punk rock” to justify, even glorify all sorts of idiotic, violent, and self-destructive behavior for as long as there’s been punk rock

I was genuinely shocked by some of the vitriol that came spewing forth in defense of Ben Weasel even after he himself admitted he had been in the wrong.

Not sure why he was shocked given the propensity for sexist comments on every major punk site, period, but I’m glad to see another voice speaking out against not only Ben Weasel’s actions, but the disgusting justifications that have followed.


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