Oh, and Ben Weasel’s Anti-Trans, Too

As if the weekend’s violence wasn’t enough, I have also discovered that Ben Weasel is trans-misogynistic. A trans woman was arguing with him on PPMB (Pop-Punk Message Board), and Ben said the following things:

[TRIGGER WARNING for extreme trans-misogyny]

(he used the actual T-word, I edited it)

I’d like to see you without your wang tucked between your legs.

You’d think if you wanted to be a chick, you’d want to be a hot chick; this dude looks like the Church Lady.

Tr*nny-defending is a harsh mistress!

What’s it like to force yourself to call a dude “she”? If he tells you that you have to pretend the earth is flat or his feelings will be hurt, will you do that too?

What did I do, you yammering dingbat? I called the dude a dude, and Johnny B got hysterical and said “You outed her! You outed her!”

If I’d known “tr*nny” was the “n-word” of the PPMB I’d’ve pulled it out of my bag of tricks years ago for the sole purpose of antagonizing you phony baloney hypocrites!

It’s okay to mock my religion, because I fucked with Jenny. It’s not okay for me to mock Jenny’s wig when he fucks with me though!

Why is it not okay for me to react to Jenny by saying horrible things about him but it’s okay for you to react to me

by your logic I’d be totally justified attacking Jenny’s gender identity because she was acting like a dude with nothing better to do than harass me ceaselessly, for years, on the Internet. I’ve never had an actual girl do that, after all! That gives me the right to say, why you’re no girl at all, fella!

But, you know, I made a dick joke to a tr*nny, so I’m the devil.

All of these can be found in his post history within the last two weeks.

I barely have any words to describe how absolutely, disgustingly bigoted this shit is. More trans women are murdered each year than every other hate crime group combined. 1 in 8 trans women of color will be murdered (1 in 12 white trans women). And this asshole thinks it’s okay for him to contribute to the mis-gendering of and hatred that leads to the violence against them? Fuck you!


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