Dropkick the Dropkick Murphys From Your iPod

If you previously enjoyed the Dropkick Murphys, prepare to have that fandom, quite literally, Shattered:

what’s with the role models for all our boys and girls
Anorexic skinny monsters who seem to rule the world

Someone needs to sign up for Patriarchy 101 as well as a seminar on understanding eating disorders.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they go to the point of no return and use the T-word:

It turns out the lyrics that you live by are a fraud
When your favorite band’s singer got arrested
With a tr**** on the job

That kind of blatant trans-misogyny is unforgivable, and I will not be monetarily supporting this band ever again.


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2 Responses to Dropkick the Dropkick Murphys From Your iPod

  1. Magular says:

    I just wandered over here while writing on my own blog about sexism in punk and I am wildly in love with this blog.

    Bookmarked. For sure.

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