Bonus Ism – Ableism in the Punk Scene

This is a re-blog, originally posted at Inoculated City:

Punk shows, bands, and everything in between are certainly not exempt of the -isms that plague society in general, despite claiming to rise above. Anyone who’s ever been to a punk show has seen girls get groped and treated like scum, both physically and mentally, and that’s just one color of the discriminatory rainbow. But, more than anything else, physical ableism at punk/hardcore shows is as blatant as the singer’s screaming vocals. Whether it’s the assumption that you’re a coward if you avoid the pit, or the fact that pits are so worshiped to begin with, encountering oppression is a given for the physically disabled punk rocker when trying to see their favorite band live – and let’s not forget that not every disability is visible, so the “I’ll be careful if I see someone in a wheelchair!” excuse is irrelevant in more ways than one.

I can already hear the self-entitled grousing of a thousand jocks-turned-hardcore white boys: “Circle pits and moshing are an age-old tradition!” Well, so is homophobia – it doesn’t matter how long-standing of a convention something is if it’s oppressive. And if you actually cared about using punk for good, you would know that. Let’s make punk shows more about progression and mental rebellion, and less about exerting testosterone through violence. More Clash, less Sex Pistols, please.

May 4, 2011:

Noticed this was getting a resurgence in attention lately, and some of the comments people have been making about it are somewhere between hilarious and ridiculous (which is exactly what you think about this post! hey!). Nowhere did the author say that moshing is “rubbing the ability to move in anyone’s face” or whatever garbage people are pretending to take out of this to discount it. It’s dangerous for physically disabled people to be around, not any bullshit of “wahhh they can do something I can’t and seeing that makes me sad!” They’re forced out of the right to safety at a show so a bunch of “punks” with jock mentality can… flail around and bump into each other? What a threatening thing to point out!

Also, the death threats I’ve received over this (and for a re-blog no less)… really? That’s not proving my point that much of the punk scene is filled with self-entitled bros at all… even if I was completely wrong about all of this, as many of you think, you have some pretty big issues yourself if you’re going around graphically threatening to murder someone. Also, to the people who would rather call me out than people in the same thread you’re posting in talking about killing me… yikes.
XVX and shit.


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