PunkNews features multiple Circle Jerks

People who comment on PunkNews are, for the most part, ignorant assholes?! I’m shocked! I would never think that someplace on the internet mostly populated by white cis straight males would engage in misogynistic bullshit! I mean, it’s about punk bands, isn’t punk supposed to be progressive?!?!

For real, though, anyone who knows anything about punk (and has even the most basic understanding of privilege) knows that “The Org” (as many of it’s army of losers lover to refer to it as)  is filled with disgusting commentary. But why not throw examples onto the pile for further reference when people attempt to deny the obvious discrimination in punk?

Today’s jackass comments come from a post about Tegan and Sara’s new video for On Directing. Lowlights:

who else wishes they’d just fuck and get it over with already?

with another’s reply of:

as a fan of this band, I still full on support that stance.

separate comment with replies:

they were better when they were called TATU

you’re silly. tatu were only lesbians for money.

whatever the reason they were hotter and got their tits out

and can’t forget:

How can a band like Unsane get zero comments and Tegan and Sarah get this much praise? you should be ashamed Punk rock….ashamed…

Of course! People shouldn’t be ashamed of leaving such objectifying and homophobic commentary, that would be absolutely ridiculous! But not commenting on every single white straight cis male band that’s posted?! The nerve! They must be reverse-sexist!

And don’t worry, the day is still fresh for further output from the straight male privilege sewer of punk rock, so there’s plenty of time for further disgusting comments to be posted.


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