Anti-Cimex: Not Anti-Ignorance

“Raped Ass” by Anti-Cimex:

You talk about the freedom
But we have no freedom
You talk about the rights
But we have no rights
This fucking system is liked a raped ass

You know what’s like rape? Rape. You know what’s not like rape? Virtually everything else.

And please, a bunch of able-bodied white cis guys complaining about the system?


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12 Responses to Anti-Cimex: Not Anti-Ignorance

  1. Sonny says:

    Seriously? So, by not being black, gay, trans, female or disabled, you don’t have a right to complain about the system? That is the worst kind of bullshit I’ve heard. That is what I call oppression.

  2. P.I.G. says:

    So if your´e not trans, black, female or gay you can´t be or feel oppressed?!

    Fuck you dude.

    • punksexism says:

      No, there are other oppressions, but white, cis, straight, able-bodied men with class privilege, ie: a ton of the punk scene – yeah, time to focus on some real oppressions.

      • potatosword says:

        do u even know jackshit about the ppl in the band?are they ur personal friends?obviously they are ablebodied fit white males with privileigies cuz U say so its so fucking ignorant.
        who are you too decide who is fit to fight the system?
        i dont see to much of systemfighting in the punkscene anyways but thats not the question lets leave the fucking punkscene for a while..not saying that lice and moldy dreads isnt my cup o tea.
        i just dont have it in me to feel guilt of bein born white with a dick between my legs.

  3. Max says:

    Wow, probably one of the most stupid shitposts I have read in my entire life, please go die. You are either a tiny dude that never gets laid and just needs an excuse and says he is a feminist. Or you are a fat turd girl with hairy armpits, but most of all, you have no life.
    Good day, and fuck off 🙂

    • punksexism says:

      Ha, you’re completely incorrect on both accounts, but please, prove my point more that people associated with punk aren’t disgusting bigots!

  4. Johanna says:

    This is seriously the most stupid shit I’ve ever read.

  5. potatosword says:

    so this it what it comes down 2…the pc police showing its ugly head again:)haven´t been seein it for a while and it makes me happy cuz u r lots of fun since my experiences with u ppl is that u have a tendency to have just as many hierarcic structures in ur little communitys whereever they happend to be,eventually u splitter up and grow out of it when u realize that u are just as ignorant and fascistic as the ppl u claim to fight,the values u try to resist.the punkscene is a breedground for hieracic ass struggles its just a subculture in similair ways as any other.and take notice im sayin subculture cuz it sure as hell isnt a ountercuture if it all comes down to pointing out who can say this and who cant do that.u r just as stuck up as any politician any mindnumbed funky et yappin about. have a nice time sweeties

  6. Junttila says:

    You disgust me, just the kind of punkpolice that destroys the scene. Please, drop dead. Your ranting does not get anything anywhere.

  7. punksexism says:

    No, you’re the kind of person who destroys the scene by being aggressive against anyone who “dares” to question the privileged domination of the punk scene and makes it miserable for people who are harmed by it.

    Telling someone to “drop dead” for not being okay with rape being used as a metaphor? Yikes, you have some major issues.

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